If possible, set up your handset when it is connected to the primary network. This includes getting the data settings sent though to you and saving it on the handset.

Data settings can be delivered to your handset in three different ways:

  1. Automatically - we will send these through to you when you first put your new activated SIM into your handset and turn it on
  2. By texting 'DATA' to 773000
  3. Website - Go to and select the make and model of the handset you wish to have the settings sent to

Manual input - you can also enter the Gamma settings manually into your handset. The MMS APN information you require is below:

Username: *leave blank*
Password: *leave blank*
MMS Proxy:
Proxy port: 80


Set proxy and port to:
Set MMMS Max Message Size: 307200

For iPhones the proxy and port are joined as thus:


Please view our range of 'How-to' videos to help get you get started with MultiNet click here.


Data Roaming

Please ensure that you switch on data roaming on your handset. Without it you will only get voice calls when you move off our primary network.

Re-set handset data settings

On some occasions your handset may remove the data settings and they will need to be restored. Please use the above methods.


Provided that there is coverage on the primary network you will remain on it, even if there is a single bar. Some handsets will show zero bars, however you still will be able to make and receive calls. On your handset you will remain on the primary network. Depending on where you are and the handset you are using, you will be able to make and receive calls even when no bars are showing.

On secondary network

When you move onto one of our secondary networks you will remain on it for a period of time, even if the primary network becomes available again or until you lose coverage on that network. We will never move you off a secondary network if you have signal and are making a call or using data.


You will be able to access 3G and 4G on your primary network, 3G data on all your secondary networks plus 4G on selected other networks.


Please use the programmed voicemail key (1) on your handset to access your voicemail. Dialling 121 will not work on all the secondary networks.

Handset display

You will generally be able to see when you have moved onto a secondary network as the network name will change on your handset. However it is not always the case, so don't worry if the network symbol isn't changing when you move between networks.

Banking Apps

It is advised to use these only on the primary network. Because of the security features of mobile banking, your app may not recognise the SIM and handset combination when you are on a secondary network and therefore may not let you proceed with the transaction.

Apple devices

When using an Apple device and you move between networks, a message will appear on the screen of the handset asking you to update carrier settings. When this happens these can be safely ignored or accepted, as it has no effect on the service of your connectivity.